Surprised by the SBI? The press is still ignoring big problems!

The Charlotte Observer had an hilarious editorial this morning (August 1, 2010) expressing their shock that the SBI provided testimony in a trial that was “false and misleading.” The SBI agent had said he was ordered to testify as he did, but we have yet to read who gave the orders and how far up the food chain knowledge of the dishonesty reached. Wonder why?

Anyone remember the old saying about “Power corrupts” or think it might apply to the good ol’ boys (and girls) who have been working together out of public view for so many years? The facts were available; the failure of the press to report so many facts unfavorable to Hunt, Easley, Perdue and company (including the Republicans who are part of the insider team) has led to a pay to play system so arrogant even the press notices occasionally.

The Raleigh Report clearly stated “SBI is AWOL in Corruption Cases” and provided documentation months ago, but the Observer wouldn’t print those facts when they were handed to them on a platter.

Of course there are problems at the SBI, SBOE and every other “ethical watchdog” controlled by the Hunt-Easley-Perdue-Dalton team. When roads and water and sewer permits are for sale, the folks in charge hardly want hard-hitting law enforcement agencies.

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