Site list (per request)

The most complete site, archived from when I ran for Governor in 2004, is, but that is all history.
I had a pretty good site at but apparently it was too good because someone used a very sophisticated “killer script” to delete the contents and backup. I’d never heard of such a thing and it was on a serious hosting site server so I was pretty impressed with the expertise behind the attack. was put up for my run for Senate this year and I haven’t updated it since losing to the Democratic backed candidate in the Republican primary.
The main site now, to which I will be adding info, is My three hot topics currently are Larry Leake and the SBOE, the SBI as an indicator of how pervasive corruption in state government really is, and the Alcoa grab that shows how certain people who claim to be Republicans work so closely with folks who claim to be Democrats, hoping the public never figures out they’re all really members of the Plantation Party that has run NC so corruptly for decades by using the D’s and R’s to divert public attention from how the money really moves.

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