Why did Leake try to shield Zach Ambrose, Perdue’s former Chief of Staff?

Today the press reported that the State Board of Elections, still led by the obviously conflicted Larry Leake, refused to have hearings on Perdue’s unreported flights and was going to slap the campaign on the wrist with a $30,000 fine. The article was more interesting for what was omitted than what was said. To help fill in the blanks, I posted the following as a comment following the article about the fine in the Raleigh News & Observer:
Ruffin Poole, Mike Easley’s Chief of Staff, was charged with multiple crimes and has accepted a plea bargain. Yet the significance of the resignation of Zach Ambrose, who filled the same role for Perdue that Poole did for Easley, has been almost completely ignored. Why?
When Larry Leake said “My involvement in this investigation has been no different than my actions in other investigations,” I believe him. That’s why Hugh Webster and I sent a letter to the Board of Elections before the Easley hearings pointing out Leake’s record of inappropriate behavior in other investigations and questioning why anyone in their right mind would expect one of Easley’s key fundraisers to lead an investigation into Easley’s fundraising. Leake had and has an obvious conflict of interest.
Fetzer is so right to complain about Leake, but his time could be better spent asking why Zach Ambrose resigned when he did, why Leake seemed to protect Ambrose, and what was different about the flights not reported by Perdue. Clearly, contrary to Perdue’s claims, there was a record of flights and Perdue and Ambrose saw the need to conceal some flights and not others.
Where was she going, who was she meeting, and who travelled with her on the unreported flights? If the press can’t find the answers, hopefully the US Attorney will. And hopefully he will investigate Leake since it is obvious Perdue and her administration never will.

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