Observer still refuses to tell whole story

The Observer’s talent for stating the obvious after the fact instead of warning about danger in time to reduce the damage is on full display in this morning’s editorial criticizing “the Perdue campaign” and the State Board of Elections. It is kind of cute how they avoid criticizing the Governor by talking about her campaign, which must have drugged her before placing her on those unreported flights given her apparent ignorance of her whereabouts during the campaign.

Funny how they mention “the Perdue campaign performed a voluntary audit of its flights and disclosed almost all the flights to the board earlier this year” as if it makes the Governor sound more ethical; it really highlights the fact Perdue knew some flights were not reported. Which raises the question the press should have been asking, what is Perdue trying to hide? How high does the corruption go? Was Hunt connected to some of those flights? Obama? Billie Ray Hall and the Rural Impoverishment Center? Wade Byrd? Jim Addams? Randy Allen? Larry Leake? What is she hiding?

The Observer has yet to give an unabridged history of Larry Leake and why Perdue should have removed him before the Easley hearings. As usual, what they fail to report is far more meaningful than the pittance that makes it into print.
If the Observer gives a rip about the transparency they claim (correctly) is so important, maybe they could share Leake’s history and the reasons Webster and I gave for asking for Leake’s removal last fall.

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