What does it take to get a real investigation?

What a surprise! The problems at the SBI extend beyond the crime lab! When I said that and offered proof, it didn’t make the papers (though they have been leaving up some pretty good blog comments). But when “Seth Edwards, president of the N.C. Conference of District Attorneys, said Wednesday that he was concerned that problems extended beyond the SBI lab,” that made it into print. (http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2010/09/09/1677338/key-sbi-agents-acted-on-their.html)

For over a decade I’ve been reminding people of a couple of sayings clearly demonstrated in NC Government. First, “a fish rots from the head down,” meaning the leader at the top sets the tone; if they’re unethical expect bad behavior to spread. Second, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Even a casual review of Jim Hunt’s political history reveals he amassed more personal power than any other leader in North Carolina history. His acolytes now run every major branch of state government and exert significant control over the business community and the non-profit community, not to mention their remarkable influence over the media.

How can the media fail to see the common threads linking the corruption in DOT, DENR, Justice and other state agencies? Why so much concern for a handful of cases and no concern whatsoever for the refusal of the SBI to investigate the Bridge to Nowhere in Anson, a clear case of Medicaid fraud, or what sure looks like an attempt to frame a former state senator?

Here’s what I posted on the Charlotte Observer September 8th and they left it up so far:
Old folk dance callers said “May the circle be unbroken” but newer lyrics say “will the circle be unbroken.” The circle of silence is showing signs of cracking.

Eventually the public is going to figure out that the corruption in the SBI is more than a coincidence, and that a member of the Hunt-Easley-Perdue team is never going to cure the corruption in the SBI, the Highway Patrol, DOT, DENR or any other state agency.

A completely honest appointee who is competent will last about as long as the gentleman named to head the Ferry Division who asked about the strange management practices that were standard procedure.

How is it possible than an SBI agent who composed a fake confession is still on the state payroll, along with the supervisor who was informed of the problems with the confession and did nothing, and so on up the food chain?

Does anybody else see the humor in the fact that the agent and the former head of the SBI were assigned to audit Medicaid fraud? I laid out the facts on a Medicaid fraud case in a courtroom last year with an SBI agent present and the SBI still hasn’t acted with the case delivered to them on a platter. Someone did, however, manage to get the court record sealed so that to date Senator Webster who was quite properly found not guilty hasn’t been able to get a copy of the tape of the trial.

Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic won’t keep the ship from going down. The question is how many it will take with it.

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